(2012-01-05) Minor Helix Update (PC Only)

As always, check it out in the Try+Buy section

(2011-02-14) Helix Update

(2009-12-01) Minor Helix Update

(2009-09-24) Helix AU Fix

This update fixes a problem with the AU version of Helix. If your AU version stopped working, or "forgot" where all presets and other data is, then this update is for you!

(2009-09-08) New Helix Update

This update finally brings Helix to the Mac full force.

If you're reinstalling, make sure you notice that the data folder moved.

(2009-07-03) New Helix Update For Mac

The last update (the one with rompler support) is now available for mac! Tested in Cubase and Live.

(2009-07-02) New Helix Update

This is the first major update since the release and includes a bunch of new features: Currently only available for PC.